Commercial Dough Mixers and Their Uses

Commercial Dough Mixers and Their Uses

35L-50L electric spiral dough mixer

Commercial Dough Mixers are used in the food production process for preparing dough for preparing cakes, biscuits and other pastries. Mixers can be counter top adapted which are frequent in domestic use or floor models more common in serious duty food production. Naturally, the greater floor models will mix a larger batch of dough than their counter top counterpart. The different kinds of mixers can be grouped under two broad headings. Planetary or vertical mixers and spiral mixers.

Planetary or vertical mixers are probably the most prevalent type of mixers in the market. They can be manufactured as floor or counter top. They come complete with a stainless steel hook a beater and whip. They usually have detachable bowls in which the beaters are fitted vertically or the bowl could be raised to meet the beater. The could be up to 3 shafts rotating in a fixed position but intermixing with the others or a single beater the works the whole dough by rotating vertically in a planetary manner.

Planetary mixers are advantageous in many ways. The action of mixing the dough can be followed visually. The filling of the bowls with ingredients does not cause any downtime as it can be done away from the mixer. On the other hand, using this type of dough mixers can result in dough that is inconsistently blended from top to bottom. Also, it usually will take lengthier to mix the dough.

Spiral mixers are mostly used in bakeries where there’s need to mix greater batches of dough Despite the fact that they can find use in medium size batches too. developed to need bread and pizza, the get their name from the spiral formed hook or agitator. through the mixing of dough, the bowl revolves while the agitator remains in place. The size of this mixer is based on the amount of dough it will be able to mix.

These dough mixers can mix very tiny batches of dough when compared to planetary mixers that need littler bowls for smaller batches. The agitator is particularly successful in the mixing of hard dough. Unfortunately it can only be use to mix dough and whipping is excluded.

Other types of mixers include constant mixers and automated little batch mixers. constant mixers are equipped with a rotor within a barrel which helps in different mixing steps when the arms are arranged differently. All ingredients can be extra at the beginning or through parts in the barrel immediately after set intervals. automated tiny batch mixers are a compromise between constant mixers and batch mixers. The system to feed ingredients is electronically control and human involvement is minimal except when and error occurs. Mixing starts off by setting a level of dough in the hopper which will be replenished as it drops.

Unfortunately its size may act as a disadvantage in locations where space is a problem. Also there is no provision to feed ingredients manually.

Home users are also sure to find all goal home mixers that are generally more affordable than commercial ones. It is apparent that the selection of dough mixers is determined by the purpose for which it will be utilized.

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