What is the nutrition of carrot juice?


Carrot is a common kind of vegetables in our lives, it is sweet and delicious taste, carrots contain high nutritional value, its effectiveness is also more, so popular with many people. There are a lot of people will not squeeze the carrot juice, do not know its nutritional value, but do not understand the function of carrot juice, and today to see with me.

Carrot is nutritious. Protect the respiratory tract and promote children’s growth and other functions. In addition also contains more calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. Juice, raw or cooked food can be, the effect is the same.
Do you want to add water to the carrot juice?
Carrots are healthy vegetables, not only can add a lot of nutrients needed by the human body, but also against UV damage to the skin, ruddy skin wrinkles on the people have a miraculous, carrot juice is also the most important way to maintain a healthy element, Can be properly added water and carrots who “soil” flavor, carrots who have water, but not enough to form a sauce, so that the appropriate to add a little water can be diluted carrot body taste. If the child does not like to drink, then you can put some of the appropriate honey, the child will feel sweet and like to drink.
Do you want to cook your carrot?
When the carrots do not need to be cooked, the carrots can be eaten raw or cooked, but under normal circumstances, raw nutrition is higher than cooked, especially in the case of juice, because cooked Carrots easy to control the bad heat, resulting loss of too much carotene in the carrots. If it is directly eat raw for the better, because it is easy to digest and absorb, juice, then the main drink is the juice, so the raw juice squeezed juice contains higher nutrients.

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