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  1.The machine is made from imported material, all-metal chromeplated, with compact structure, novel design, pleasant appearance and hygienic standard, thus…

sheeter hot sale pizza dough press

  Model MT30A/MT30B Rated voltage ~220V Power 1.5KW Thickness 0.5~5mm Slice width 250mm Production capacity 25~30kg/h Dimensions 450*360*1040mm    …

knead high speed pizza dough press machine

  Model MT25A/MT25B Rated voltage ~220V Power 1.1KW Thickness 0.5~5mm Slice width 200mm Production capacity 20~25kg/h Dimensions 380*360*1040mm    …

380V Heavy duty dough press machine

  Model MT320 Rated voltage 3~380V Power 1.5KW Thickness 2~32mm Slice width 320mm Production capacity – Dimensions 720*830*1100mm       …

220V pizza dough press

  Model MT12.5A/MT12.5B Rated voltage ~220V Power 0.75KW Thickness 0.5~5mm Slice width 150mm Production capacity 10~20kg/h Dimensions 350*350*980mm   &n…

stainless steel  dough Knead and Press

  Model MT288 Rated voltage ~220V Power 1.1KW Thickness 2~10mm Slice width    288mm Production capacity – Dimensions 560*710*1230mm     &nb…

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