With CE  hotel mixer 

With CE hotel mixer 

With CE  hotel mixer 

With CE hotel mixer



Items No. B25
Voltage 220V
Bowl Volume 25L
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Power 1 kW
Max. Kneading Capacity 8kg
Mixing speed 91/164/294(r/min)
Dimensions(mm) 43.5*45*82 cm
Packing Size 63*50*93 cm
N.W/G.W 90 / 106 kg
Remark Normal stadard of triple functions





1.This types food mixers work in high performance.

2.The agitator is designed to doplanetary motion inside the bowl where the food can be fully blend.

3.The machines are complete with 3 types of agitator and have 3 grades ofspeed for different mixing purposes like flour mixing, stuff mixing,egg beating and etc.

4.All parts in contact treated surfaces, which are endurablein use and in conformity with national fool hygiene standard.


Selection of Agitator and Speed

Dough arm: Suitable for heavy bread dough or other high viscosity food materials.Suggested amount of water is 45%-50% of the flour.

–Set the machine at LOW SPEED.


Beater: Suitable for thin batters, cakes, mashing potatoes and crushed, powdered, pasty food like staffing.

–Set the machine at MIDDLE SPEED


Wire whip: Suitable for mixing liquid food, whipping cream and beating eggs.

–Setthe machine at HIGH SPEED


Important Note:

STOP the machine to change speed. DO NOT mix dough at middle or high speed.

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