coffee grinder

In the body, hand grinding is generally relatively small, but also a large hand grinding, even greater than the electric mill heavier.So go out to carry hand-grinding are more convenience.

In use, hand wear effort and slow. But also some people think this is feelings. Technically, hand grinding due to slow speed, grinding the bean process almost no heat, the general electric mill more or less have a fever problem (simply said that when the heat will lose the coffee flavor).

At the price, hand grinding is cheaper than electric grinding. But it is in the general range. High-end grinding or antique grinding is not clear. Hand grinding is very strenuous,but electric grinding is more convenient. Basically hand grind 30 seconds of beans to grind a few seconds to complete. If it is the cheapest that you shake 5 minutes of the bean discharge mill no more than ten seconds to get.

Electric coffee grinder from the production situation is also generally higher than the manual grinding machine.

The advantage of hand grinding is that in the absence of power, can be used at any time. But as long as the conditions are still recommended to use electric grinding coffee.