stainless steel refrigerator used for sale

stainless steel refrigerator used for sale


SFC3100TN  refrigerated counters


Product Name Model Temperature Size(mm)
Refrigerated Counters GN 1/1 SFC3100TN 2~8°C 1795*700*850
SFC3100BT  -14°C~-18°C 1795*700*850
SFC3110TN 2~8°C 1795*700*850
SFC3110BT  -14°C~-18°C 1795*700*850
SFC3120TN 2~8°C 1795*700*850
SFC3120BT  -14°C~-18°C 1795*700*850
SFC3130TN 2~8°C 1795*700*850
SFC3130BT  -14°C~-18°C 1795*700*850
SFC3140TN 2~8°C 1795*700*850
SFC3140BT  -14°C~-18°C 1795*700*850
SFC3150TN 2~8°C 1795*700*850
SFC3150BT  -14°C~-18°C 1795*700*850



1. Insulation 50mm thickness
2. Ventilated Refrigeration Compartment gives a better air circulation, anticorrosion-treated evaporator
3. Auto Defrosting and Auto Evaporation of Condensation water by means of hot pipe in Stainless Steel Box means no floor drain required
4. Electric Thermostat and Digital LED Temperature Display for accuracy and easy reading
5. Self-Closing Door by means of Spring-Loaded Hinges ensures

fast recovery and energy saving
6. Doors are structure in off set profile for easy gripping and opening as well as easy maintenance
7. Magnetic Gasket with high quality neoprene rubber can be replaced without any tools
8. Heating element concealed in Door Frame to eliminate any condensation
9. Shelf and shelf support are designed to accommodate 1 number of GN1/1 Pan Size
10. Internal round edges for easy sanitation



1. Set drawers instead of doors
2. Castors
3. Stainless steel shelves or plastic coated shelves
4. Top with splash top
5. 220V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz or 110V/60Hz

stainless steel GN 1/1 pan refrigerated counters   SFC3140TN

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