stainless steel electric fryer machine

stainless steel electric fryer machine



Model XR700-TZ-1 XR700-TZ-2
Description Single tank Double tank
Dimension 350*750*850mm 700*750*850mm
Nozzel orifice N/A N/A
Burner rating N/A N/A
Electric loading 12kw 24kw
Power supply 380V/3n/50Hz 380V/3n/50Hz
Weight 50kg 105kg






1.Stainless steel front, door, ledge and tank

2.Durable stainless steel structure for easy cleaning

3.Precise thermostat with temperature range from 90℃ to 190℃

4.Burner shall have pilot flame and flame failure device

5.On/Off indicator shows working status

6.EGO temperature limiter

7.22L each stainless steel tank

8.Stainless steel legs with adjustable feet

9.Single tank and double tanks are optional




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落地式电炸炉700_05 落地式电炸炉700_06