Name:Outdoor BBQ Trolley
Material: Coated cold pressing plate+ cast iron
Grill Size:570*420mm
Machine size:124*112*66cm
Packing size:67*57*39cm

1. American barbecue, large barbecue area to roast chicken and steak easily.
2. Cast iron grill, fire evenly locks up delicacies.
3. Adjustable chimney, control food smoke effect.
4. Real-time thermometer, double scale in Fahrenheit and Celsius.
5. Food grade metal, harmless, uniform heat conduction,easy to clean.
6. Cast iron plate, electric rotating fork, electric rotary motor, cast iron roasting pan, for optional.
7. Insulation area for defrosting food and keeping food warm.
8. The liftable charcoal plate, adjust the firepower at any time.
9. Drawer type ash tray, equipped with stainless steel handle, easy to clean.
10. Furnace separation, outdoor barbecue more simple and convenient.