Name: Vacuum Sealer Machine


Size: 430*250*125mm
Voltage: 220V/50Hz,110V/60Hz
Material: Plastic and stainless steel

1.Speed setting :when vacuum sealing fragile item, you can press the(seal)button to stop vacuum and start sealing at any time,the device defaults to normal speed.
2.Adjustable food button:select different button according to food category to improve the sealing effect——“Dry”(normal sealing time)used to seal dry food;“Moist”(Longer sealing time)used to seal moist food.
3.(Vacuum & Seal cancel):the button has two functions as setting, Press the Vacuum & Seal cancel button, machine start working,exhaust air then start sealing automatically, after sealing, the machine auto stop.Whenever press this button,working is halted or stopped.

4. (Seal):the button has two functions as setting,Press the button, then machine start sealing vacuum bag and auto stop after finishing work. During vacuum pumping, press the button to turn to sealing work to control pressure in the bag will avoid crushing precise food such as bread and cake.


Every time after sealing, let the machine cooled down about 20seconds, after whole work make sure the lid is unlock.
The machine acquiescence setting is for dry goods and normal pressure setting.