Product Name : Hand Press Espresso Machine
Model : IT-HPEM-1
Material : Stainless steel + Aluminum alloy
Color : Black/White
Pressure Gauge : 25Bar
Coffee handle : 58mm
Machine Size : 260*170*520mm
Packaging Size : 545*360*250mm
Net Weight/Gross Weight : 9KG/11KG

1. The stainless steel protective sleeve is not just heat‑preserving, anti‑scalding, but also beautiful.
2. Increase the preheating and warming cup function to make coffee extraction better.
3. With a detachable coffee handle design, simple and convenient.
4. The hand press coffee machine absorbs the 180° parallel force of the manual rod type and the even force of the crank type.
5. Convenient operation, uniform extraction, extraction of coffee oil, high pressure penetration, natural and mellow coffee taste.

Extraction suggestion:
(1)keep the water temperature at 90℃-95℃;
(2)About 18 grams of coffee powder, the extraction time is about 23 seconds, and the extraction concentrate is about 46 ml.