Product Description:
Product Model:IT-CT12
Tamper diameter: 58mm
Adjustable pressure: 2-38kg
Net weight:3.7kg
Gross weight:5kg
Unit size:133*133*327mm
Single packing size:20*21*44cm
Application: Coffee shops, office, hotels, restaurants, home, commercial, etc.

(1)GLS – Guide Levelling System
Prevents channeling caused by uneven tamping ensuring the coffee bed is flat every time.
(2)Pressure Control
Select the ideal pressure setting for your desired recipe extraction times from between 2kg to 38kg.
Assured pressures are delivered consistently even upon different particle sizes and dosed volumes.
Three programmable multi tamp settings.
Built-in recording function to calculate total usage / cycles.
Easy to adjust and fit a variety of portafilter handles.
(3)Segmented Multi Tamping
A.Choose from a single, double, or triple tamping.
B.Each tamp cycle can be independently set with a different tamp pressure.
Example: 1st Tamp value at 8kg followed by the 2nd Tamp at 30kg of down pressure or any value combination in between 2kg – 38kg
Group handle detection sensor only activates with metal (not fingers)
Operating on only 12 Volts to the unit via an inline stepdown transformer.
Surge protection designed to the main electronic control board ensuring longevity and reliability.
(5)Non-Stick Coating
Nano Non-Stick Technology eliminates residual build-up of the coffee fines and oils maintaining clean tamping.
A strong cast alloy housing and all metal features ensures durability and reliability.