dough mixer

If your expectation of a dough mixer is just bread, it’s likely to be idle. The form of bread that is made by kneading can be more singular, and it is also limited by means of dried fruit or sausage. What’s more, if you don’t bake before, most of Chinese families don’t have a kitchen scale, and weighing inaccuracy can greatly affect the quality of the bread.

In addition for the whole process of bread dough mechanism need more than three hours, the dough process still have noise.If you want to get up in the morning to eat fresh bread, tend to be ahead of time, when in the morning to start operation, disrupted the lighter one will you go to sleep. But if you’re interested in baking, or you keep baking, the toaster is useful.

The main use of these functions:
1.kneading and fermenting while making bread,the 50-minute period is not guaranteed to be a membrane, but it is also more efficient than rubbing the hand. The fermentation function is also very practical, except summer, the room temperature fermentation is too slow, the oven ferment also wants the hot water and so on. yogurt. Six to eight hours of long-term fermentation can also be made in the same way.

3.Make jam and meat loose. That’s about an hour of heat.

4.Make Chinese noodles with dough mixer. This feature is not recommended, because usually do not add oil, food and Chinese flour reinforcement degree, volatile water imbibition, is not very good grasp on the surface of the water and proportion, easy to stick, need to pay attention to process. In short, to do a good job must first sharpen his, but the first thing to understand yourself if you really interested in the “thing”, you should adjust expectations, is make full use of worthwhile.