electric commercial ice maker with water cooler

electric commercial ice maker with water cooler

electric commercial ice maker with water cooler

electric commercial ice maker with water cooler



Product name Ice maker
Model IS-350 IS-450
Voltage 220V 220V
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz
Capacity 160kg 200kg
Storage 145kg 145kg
Power 650W 720W
Dimensions 560*800*1750mm 560*800*1750mm
Ice type Flake ice / Nugget ice Flake ice / Nugget ice





1.Rotary extrusion type ice making principle

It eliminates the ice doffing process, energy and time saving. Manufacturing costs for flake ice is equivalent to only 50% of the cube ice, while manufacturing costs for nugget ice is equivalent to only 65% of the cube ice.

Cube ice Electricity 10° Water 75kg 100%
Flake ice Electricity 5° Water 50kg 50%
Nugget ice Electricity 6.5° Water 50kg 65%


Take the ice production of 50kg as calculating basis

2. LCD touch screen control

Control the machine operation, inspection and fault diagnosis, can also be used as a text screen display when rest.

3.Computer automatic control system

Ensure that the machine runs automatically, automatic detection, to improve the stability and maintenance of the machine, also the maintenance convenience.

4.Flake ice and nugget ice are exquisite and compact

It can penetrate into the small gap, rapid cooling, and soft texture, easy to chew.

5.Ice machine of the refrigerators structure

Consistent with the depth of the kitchen refrigerator, so that kitchen equipment can be placed more neatly, and countertops can be used as the workbench.

6.Italy imported evaporator

Ensure the stable operation of the machine, ice production is more efficient and longer life.

7.Positive suction, front exhaust

It still runs normally even if on the condition of compact space or high temperature environment.




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