Electric baking convection oven

Electric baking convection oven



Model No. Power(kw) Voltage(V) Weight(kg) Size(mm)
PL-2 6.8 220/ 3~380 110 1225*770*530
SL-3 9 220/ 3~380 135 1655*770*530
GL-2A 6.8 220/ 3~380 110 1225*770*530






1.This Series Electric Ovens are specially designed for baking bread,cake and western-style pastry.

2.The body is made of brushed superior quality stainless steel.

3.The oven uses superior quality distant infrared radiant heating tube to heat the food rapidly and uniformly.

4.The temperature of bottom fire and surface fire can be controlled in a range of room temperature – 300C.

5.The required temperature can be set and kept at constant automatically.

6.These series electric ovens are ideal and must-have equipment for hotels, restaurants, cake factories, bread shops and etc.




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GL-2A-01 (2)

GL-2A-02 (2)

GL-2A-03 (2)

GL-2A-04 (2)

GL-2A-05 (2)

GL-2A-06 (2)