Before you buy the oven you need to know clearly


What kind of capacity adapt to the family use oven?
A: I think at least 20 liters or more. Because the interior of the oven is divided into upper, middle and lower layers. Perhaps the sales staff will tell you that the three can be baked food, the family enough to use. The actual situation is not the case. Different food must be placed in a different location baking. When you bake a food, the food can only be placed around, and can not be placed up and down. How much food can be put in the horizontal direction, how much food can be baked is the most important. For example, assume that the horizontal can bake 10 biscuits. Promoters will tell you to put 3 layers, so you can bake 30 biscuits. The reality is that the biscuits must be in the middle of the oven! Put on the up layers, the surface is paste, the end is not cooked. Put the bottom layer, under the paste, the above not cooked. (Of course, for baking veterans, you can use other ways to adjust, but the technical requirements are high and some complex).
In addition, the small oven because of small size (20 liters as an example), the internal space is limited, the temperature is very hot, the top of the cake from the heat pipe too close. So if the grilled chiffon a class of technical requirements on the relatively high oven will appear coke and other phenomena. Therefore, it is not recommended to use too small oven to produce West Point. Especially grilled chiffon and so on these have some difficulty in the pastry.


What should be the function of the oven?
A: The oven should have the most basic function is to have two heating tubes up and down. Can only open up fire, only open down fire, up and down the fire at the same time open. The temperature control is preferably adjustable between 100 ° C and 250 ° C. The domestic market, the oven can only be separated from the fire control, but can not be separated from the temperature of the fire up and down.That is, there is only one oven inside the overall temperature. Of course, not a professional master, there is no need to ask so high. So it can be understood and accepted. In addition, the oven should have the function is to open the fan baked and closed fan bake. Fans are usually more suitable for use in the production of roast chicken, barbecue and other dishes. And most of the West Point, are needed to closed fan bake. In fact, the oven has upper and lower tube, you can heat the baked things, a temperature control device, you can call the oven. As for the oven manufacturers now launched the number of functions, just playing with the concept only. Practicality is not enough.


What color do you choose?
A: The best choice to have a large glass door oven, so that baked food at a glance. Internal lighting should be, so you can side of the baked, while paying attention to the situation inside. If there is a choice, I prefer to choose the shell is stainless steel, so easier to clean, and not blasting paint.

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