Product Description:
Name:Tea Grinder
Grinding Stones Diameter:80mm
Bean Hopper Capacity:9L
Rpm:600-1200r/min(Speed-control Switch)
Voltage/Frequency:220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
Gross Weight:12kg
Dimension Of Machine:85*28*23cm
Dimension Of Packing:57*40*43cm
Drive Way:Automatic
Motor:Brushless Electric Motor
Colors:Black/Creamy White (Optional Color)

1.9L Large-capacity Silo To Avoid Continuous Addition Of Tea.
2.0-15 gear speed adjustment,you can adjust the thickness of the ground tea leaves according to your own tea making preferences.
3.80MM stainless steel grinding core,no rust, detachable, clean and safer to use.
4.Imitate stone grinding to grind tea leaves, retaining the original aroma of tea leaves.
5.Electronic key operation LCD display.