8 baskets pasta cooker with cabinet

8 baskets pasta cooker with cabinet



Model XR700-RM-8 XR700-TM-8
Power source Gas Electric
Dimension 700*750*850mm 700*750*850mm
Nozzel orifice 3/4″ N/A
Burner rating 40,944B.T.U/Hr N/A
Electric loading N/A 12kw
Power supply N/A 380V/3n/50Hz
Weight 78kg 62kg






1.EGO thermostat with temperature range from 30℃ to 110℃

2.On/Off indicator shows working status

3.Burners shall have pilot flame and flame failure device

4.Pulse igniter and thermocouple

5.Stainless steel front, back, tank and sides

6.Durable stainless steel structure for easy cleaning

7.Overflow run-off for starch residue

8.Low water level protection

9.8 baskets capacity(125 mm dia.)

10.Stainless steel legs with adjustable feet

11.Gas type and electric type are optional




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