5L raisable head foodstuff mixer

5L raisable head foodstuff mixer

5L raisable head foodstuff mixer

5L raisable head foodstuff mixer



Model FM-B5
Volume of Mixing Barrel 5L
Speed of mixing mandrel(r/min) Revolution:40-260,
Rated Voltage 110/220/230/240V
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Power 300W
Electronic Current 2.5A
Max.Eggs Weight 500G
Max.Dough Mixing 500G(Dry flour)
Working Environment indoor
Bowl Dia. 22cm
Bowl height 18cm
N.W. 12.2kg
Dimension 350*230*400mm
G.W. 13.7kg
Packing Size 420*300*480mm






  • High speed regulation with constant torque
  • Raisable head
  • Built-in overload protection
  • Stainsteel blender
  • Mixing speed 1080r/min


1.The mixer is a new product of our company developed with up to date technology.

2.It can mix dough, dumpling stuffing, circumrotate eggs and cream. Constant-torque and infinite variable speed technologies have been used in the mixer.

3.You can select any rotating speed from 131rpm to 852rpm for different load. There is overload protection installation in the newest mixer.

4.It is fine-looking, easy and safe to operate. There are wide application fields. Also, this mixer works efficiently and smoothly. It is an excellent helper to make cake and dough food in west food kitchen, bar, restaurant and home etc.




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