Specification :
Name:34 Litres Commercial Microwave Oven
Material:Stainless steel body
Output Power:1800W
Inside Size:360*410*210MM
Packing Size:641*559*451MM
Power Levels:5
Auto menu:100

1. High power, fast cooking, 1800 W: to meet the needs of CBD/subway/train station, fast food restaurants, etc. Double cooking can be superimposed, and two foods can be placed at one time to cook at the same time.
2. Industry-leading heat dissipation system, extending the life of the whole machine, metal door hooks and handles; meeting 200,000 door opening and closing tests.
3. Stainless steel appearance, high-grade, calm atmosphere; microcrystalline ceramic plate and stainless steel cavity are easier to clean.
4. Storage capacity of 100 menus; 3 cooking modes (high, medium, low power and time matching);
5 microwave power (0%, 20%, 50%, 70%, 100%); one-key start, operation convenient.