10L commercial manual churro maker

10L commercial manual churro maker




Churros is a kind of snack food originated from Spain, which is the most characteristic of Spain snacks. People often taste Churros with hot chocolate as well as the ice-cream, jam, full of charm and fragrance.

1. High quality Stainless steel 201# body looks luxury and elegant, fit for food and good for health.

2. with a 12L churros filler and no fryer.

3. three style of models, which can produce 3 styles of churros (including the solid model and hollow model)

4. the models have long working-stroke, can make good shape of churros.




Model Dimensions(mm) Capacity(L) N.W.(KG) Material Diameter of hopper(mm) Height of hopper(mm)
ITCM-16 700*420*330 12 22 stainless steel 201# 220 280



10L commercial manual churro maker


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