Intelligent atomizing hand sterilizer alcohol dispenser(IT-2000)

Product Description:

Name: Automatic hand sanitizer machine
Voltage: AC220-240V,50/60HZ
Safety standard: Class II
Fuse protector:5A*1
Installation: Wall Mounted/Desktop
Maximum capacity:2000ML
Detection distance:10±3CM
Spray volume:1-8ML
Material: Metal cover+304# stainless steel nozzle
Working type: Automatic induction atomization
Certificate: GB,CE,ROHS,FCCAdvantages:
1. Door control system,after finishing disinfection, the automatic door opens
2. Anti-drip design, an absorbent wool in the water tray, prevent spilling on the ground.
3. Add liquid mouth with lock, convenience and safety, equip with a funnel.
4. Three-color indicator: Red, bright when energized; Green, light at work; Yellow, lack of liquid prompt.
5. Using automatic induction spray intelligent control system, wide-angle atomization effect.
6. Hand disinfection can be completed in 3-8 seconds, with a sterilization rate of 99.9%.
7. The installation is simple and convenient, either on the wall or on the desktop.
8. Metal shell design, not easy to damage.

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