industrial commercial SGF4C Gas Fryer deep fryer

industrial/commercial SGF4C Gas Fryer deep fryer

industrial commercial SGF4C Gas Fryer deep fryer detail


Dimension: 400*800*840mm (working height) (Height including splash back is 1180mm)

Accessories:2 fryer baskets; Crumb screen; Drain clog clearance prod; Drain oil extension pie



1. CE approved

2. Oil capacity of 25 liter

3. European gas valve

4. Hi temperature limiting safety feature

5. Flame failure safety device

6. Thermostatic control (from 0 ℃ up to 195℃)

7. High thermal efficiency (beyond 50%)

8. Burner tubes carefully positioned across the vat for easy cleaning

9. Deep cold zone design reduces wasteful oil deterioration by trapping crumbs under the cooking area

10. Latch lock 1″ ball-type drain valve: Latch lock feature eliminates accidental scalding. Oil drain height: 350mm

11. Casters at the back and adjustable bullet feet in the front

12. Stainless front rail, door, splash back and fry pot

13. Gas Inlet: BSP 1/2″


Enhanced features of computer control model:

1. Automatic melt cycle for solid shortening

2. Electronic temperature sensor: quick response to load

3. Buzzer goes off at the end of fry cycle process reaches the stage of “shake basket reminding”. This feature is good for frying french fries

4. Precise temperature control for computer model. No unpleasant temperature overshoot which shortens oil lifespan and degrades food quality

5. Computer model requires 220V single phase power for the control board

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