industrial hood type dishwasher price

How to choose the correct dishwasher?

industrial hood type dishwasher price1, according to the number of meals to determine purchase of models:
According to the number of meals, the specific calculation method is as follows: Frame / hour —- standard washing frame size is 500 * 500mm, each box can be placed in the number of dishes and the size of the tableware. The average conversion is customary for each box 18 discs, but there are also a number of slightly different companies. Dish / hour —- 10-inch disk (250mm diameter) can put 18 per frame, and 6-inch disk (150mm diameter) can put 27 per frame. For example: 200 frame / hour dishwasher can be washed per hour 10-inch disc 3600, 6-inch disk 5400.

2, according to the different external conditions to determine the use of different models:
Water — water pressure whether guaranteed.Water quality whether pure.Whether or not install filter or water softening apparatus.
Electricity — according to the planning of the entire building to consider.Whether there is enough power point energy consumption. Power supply standards are consistent.
Vapor – Consider a boiler with sufficient steam capacity and vapor pressure.
Time — washing time is little tight to choose a little big model,speed is more faster.

3, the use of different types of utensils, so the models used are different:
Porcelain, Ceramics, Glassware Dishwashers used of “basket-type washing”.Stainless steel and melamine materials are not easy to absorb and preserve heat, need to be equipped with dryer to ensure the drying effect, play a role in disinfection.Stainless steel and melamine tableware “belt conveyor drying dishwasher” is better. And less the trouble of framing.

4, the comprehensive cost
Buy any kind of dishwasher need to spend a certain cost, should consider whether the comprehensive cost advantage, reduce porcelain broken rate.Reduce the number of employees and pay Wages and Welfare.Cleaning costs, energy and tap water costs, disinfection costs, uniform cleaning and disinfection effects, equipment failure after the parts, maintenance costs and other related costs.

After these considerations, I believe you will choose a correct dishwasher.

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