ice crush

How should the ice crusher operate?

ice crush

1, Crusher should be installed in a sufficient support force on the table, with the ground a proper distance.

2, First you should check the power supply voltage and the voltage used by the machine is consistent,the socket is in line with safety standards, install the leakage protection switch and connect the ground before tunning on the power.
To confirm that all meet the requirements of electricity.

3, First broken ice to a diameter of 20 mm or so before the boot,in order to put the barrel, the top to highlight the material tube mouth is appropriate. Pay attention to the first power switch, until the motor with a power wheel can be turned after the pressure plate press the handle down the pressure, then by tightening the blade on the cutter blade to cut the ice.But the operation of the pressure cover handle down when the pressure should not be too much force, so as to avoid the motor stall and damage the motor.Should pay attention to the amount of ice after the reduction, in a timely manner to add a new ice material block.

4,Chopped ice particles, through the discharge port into the plate.To pay attention to the discharge of the material outlet is smooth, can not be blocked, otherwise it will cause stuck knife, burn the motor. If it is found that the cutter is stuck, should lift the pressure cover handle immediately, close the switch, unplug the plug, and promptly troubleshooting.

5,the thickness of ice particles can be adjusted by the blade hole and the height of the cutter to achieve. Adjust the plastic plate to protect the switchgear, loosen the screws that fix the elbow, pull out the cartridge, then loosen the fastening screw of the cutterhead, remove the cutter and loosen the compression screw of the blade.Your request, installed in place, and then order the knife back to the original position can be.

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