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Crisp and crisp skin machine, the machine design is unique, using imported raw materials, durable, easy to use.Non-stick surface, not easy scratches, quick speed, low noise.Used for crisp skin, egg tarts, thousand layer cake and Other pastry making vertical meringue machine advantages suitable for crisp skin, crisp foods, also can be used for rolling the dough.

1. Adopt imported accessories, fine materials, the press pulley through hard chromium processing,
2. High quality, solid structure, strong stability, long service life,
3. Professional design, make the dough can be pressed to 1 mm, uniform thickness, safe in operation and folding structure, save a space.


  Model   Specification Voltage   Power Weight           Dimension
 IT-520B wide50cm  380V  0.37KW  252KG  2530*950*1200mm
 IT-650B wide63cm  380V  0.75KW  275KG  2890*1070*1200mm

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