Automatic espresso coffee machine Cappuccino Coffee Machine Italian Coffee Maker with Grinder ITCM5020A

Product Name: Espresso Machine
Model: ITCM5020A
Color: Silver Black
Rated power: 1450W
Voltage: 220V-240V
Water tank capacity: 2.8L
Product size: 322*347*331mm without bean box,bean box height is 78mm.
Pump pressure:15Bar
Coffee Bean Strorage capacity:250g
Weight: 10.5KG

Package :
1.With 58mm coffee handle filter
2.1*coffee machine
3. Instrustion manual
5.1* cleaning kit
6.1*Pull cup (350ml)
7.1*double layer single cup filter bowl
8.1* double layer double cup filter bowl
9.1*die casting funel handle

1.Various types of coffee, with steam function and grinder function
2.Making perfect milk foam, strong steam.
3.1380-1450W high power, high efficiency.
4.Professional heating cup area.
5.Scald-proof, easy to clean.
6.Stable pressure output, LED pressure Display, digital display system to grasp extraction time.
7.PID Precise temperature control technology.
8.With 30 grades of grinding.
9.Pre -soak function.
10.Anti-static Function

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