juice machine

What must be known before buying the juicer

juice machine

First, chosse the big brands,quality assurance. Juicer is the easiest motor to burn too much, some big brands of motor to use pure copper high-power motor, there will not be frequent replacement parts of things happen.

The machine must be easy to install and easy to operate, especially for easy cleaning. The best choice of stainless steel juicer, especially in the plate part, because carrots and the like is particularly easy to plastic staining. Today, there are a lot of advertising on the juicer that is stainless steel, in fact, it is the shell but the inside of the middle disk still used the plastic.

Power is a standard for evaluating the efficiency of a juicer. 400W is a Hom, although the 400-watt power saving,but the hard fruit squeeze is still very difficult, generally have to choose the best of more than 600 watts.

Speed ​​must be fast, at least 15,000 r / min or more, faster of the speed, higher the rate of juice, the basic look at the power on it. Filter design, this is the key accessories, which also feel that the decision is durable. The ideal filter should be smooth,easy to clean, the material is stainless steel.

The final details are the best choice for oversize feeding tubes and larger juice cups and pomace collectors.

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