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A donut is a fried dessert that is blended with flour, white sugar, cream and eggs. The most common of the two shapes are hollow ring or the middle of the package into the cream, egg paste and other sweet stuffing closed dessert. After improvement there are some other shapes.

The use of donuts machine can achieve automatic molding, frying, flip and baked, while reducing labor costs to improving product quality.The machine is simple to operate,without special training, a significant reduction in labor demand, so that high-quality donuts continue to produce.

What is the sweetness of the donuts?

Ingredients: 200 grams of high powder, egg 25 grams, 4 grams of yeast, 110 grams of milk, 25 grams of sugar, salt 2 grams
, Butter or vegetable oil 10 grams.

Donuts practice:
Prepare material
2. Milk is heated by 40 degrees
3. Add yeast, stir well and allow to stand for ten minutes
4. Add all material to the bread bucket
5. Put the bread machine, start the dough function
6. Fermentation is completed and then vented into 15 small doughs
7. Remove a dough into a cake, with a suitable small cup, I use the bottle on the small cup, press the middle of the cake, and then take out the middle
8. become a circle
9. hot pot under the oil, oil heat under the donut, a small fire fried to both sides of the golden
10. all blown out, let it cool
11. white chocolate plus cocoa powder, water heating
12. Mix together
13. donuts dipped in cocoa powder and white chocolate mixture, sprinkle the sugar on the top, let cool after the mixture on the dry,you can enjoy it.

There is a very worthy of everyone concerned about the issue is how to extend the shelf life of donuts?
If you do not use special powder. The day to eat or sell the same day, add a bread conditioner or modified starch. If you want to more than three days of shelf life, add bread moisturizer.

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