POG-76 pizza oven-logo

Stainless Steel Gas pizza oven



POG-76 pizza oven-logo


Product name Gas Pizza Deck Oven
Model POG-76
Dimensions 762*682*787mm



1. Burner’s rating at 30000 btu/h (8.8kW)

2. Combination gas control valve with flame safety device

3. Thermostatic control up to 340℃

4. High grade stainless steel housing

5. Four tiers coming with oven stove hearth decks, Shelf size: 24″*19″. When removed, the oven is converted into a spacious baking or toasting oven

6. Capacity: eight 9″ or four 16″ pizza

7. Dimension: 762*682*787mm

8. Gas inlet: 1/2″ (1.3mm) LP connection

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