stainless steel gas burger range 6-open

stainless steel gas burger range 6-open



Model XR700-TQ-6 XR700-RQ-6 XR700-RA-6
Description With electric oven base With gas oven base With cabinet base
Dimension 1050*750*850mm 1050*750*850mm 1050*750*850mm
Nozzel orifice 3/4″ 3/4″ 3/4″
Burner rating 95,536B.T.U/Hr 116,008B.T.U/Hr 95,536B.T.U/Hr
Electric loading 4.8kW N/A N/A
Power supply 380V/3N/50Hz N/A N/A
Weight 170kg 150kg 108kg






1.Heavy cast iron with high efficiency.

2.Iron-casting burners are removable for easy cleaning.

3.Durable stainless steel structure.

4.Top grates shall be constructed in 10″*13.5″ sections of heavy-duty cast iron, fit 1/1 size GN pan.

5.Each burners shall have individual pilot flame and flame failure device.

6.Precise thermostat with temperature range from 50℃ to 320℃.

7.Stainless steel legs with adjustable feet.

8.Electric oven base, gas oven base and cabinet base are optional.




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