automatic bubble tea cup sealing machine for sale

Some Notes on Cup Sealing Machine

automatic bubble tea cup sealing machine for sale

As the cup sealing machine so that our packaging is very type, and packaging effect has also been the majority of customers love. Nowadays, a lot of snack foods, snacks and other industries have begun to use cup sealing machine for packaging, then we come to look at the plastic cup sealing machine operating precautions.
Handling Precautions:

1. The machine must be grounded to prevent the risk of leakage.

2. “Cup to send skateboard” Set cup hole is a micro-switch, the empty cup is not allowed to seal in the skateboard, the cup must be added water, weight can be sealed, otherwise the knife will pressure loss cup.

3. Turn off the mains before maintain, servicing, or replacing any parts.

4. “Send Cup” can not just push or pull by hand, such as the need to enter or out, you can use “d” function.

5. After the end of the day in the machine work, should pay attention to cleaning the skateboard slot in the residue in the next day before the work should be dealt with clean cover hot head flat, so that hot pressure more smooth, pay attention to clean the flat head, careful fingers Sharp blade cut.

6,When the cup sealing machine after sealing, if the cup pattern and the cup is not very aligned,you can use a cross screwdriver to adjust: If the work for a period of time, the membrane does not stop. Then the upper wall of the wall must be wiped with high-grade paper dust or adjust the “electric eye” in the small screw, counterclockwise 3 back lap, or clockwise Into a few laps, according to the situation to decision.

7. When moving or moving the machine, the hand is not allowed to carry the Department:
(A) loose film axis and film axis;

(B) two retaining film axis;

(C) Two rolling axes;

(D) to send a cup skateboard;

(E) the bottom edge of the back cover. Hand to carry the Department: lift must be two people at the same time lift, each one out of a hand lift “floor”, the other hand care cover.

With these notes, so that our operation more handy, so that mechanical life longer, better for the majority of customer service.

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