guangdong style-tu2 (2)

Restaurant Industrial Gas Style Stainless Steel Chinese Wok range For Sale




Product Name Items No. Size(L*W*H)(mm) Rated Heat Load Input(kw) power consumption(w/v)
 Guangdong style chinese cooking range 0012-01-215 2150*1150*1250 104 550/220
0012-01-120 1200*1150*1250 52 370/220
0012-01-200 2000*950*1150 104 550/220
0012-01-190 1900*950*1150 104 370/220
0012-01-105 1050*950*1150 52 250/220
0012-01-70 700*750*100 52 250/220


guangdong style-tu2 (2)

guangdong style-tu1 (2)


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