Latest News about Bakery Equipment

Latest News about Bakery Equipment

Trump moved to a bigger factory baking equipment Netherlands Gorinchem same industrial zone. A new innovation center based testing and further product development. The center line with Trump philosophy, in the initial stages of innovation customers on more and better work together. New testing and innovation center is equipped with a complete production line multifunction Trump, and other things. In addition, there is a modern dough production section, where the production of dough according to customer requirements. By refrigeration, freezing and proofing devices available for testing dough into the oven and bake process.

Complete new testing and innovation center provides Trump’s business partners and our expert product development opportunities together. Testing, tuning, and optimization consulting. , Shortening production experts work with bread, these people focus on innovation and further product development.

All in a nearly 1,000 square meters of production area actually completed.

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