Product Name : 98MM Automatic Quantitative Coffee Grinder With 58MM Tamper
Model Number : IT-MT-G
Motor Speed : 2200 RPM
Power : 1000W
Voltage : 110V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Bean Bin Capacity : 1.5kg
Grinding Blade Diameter : 98mm Titanium Flat Blade
Diameter of Tamper : 58mm
Adjustment Range of Pressure Values : 10KG – 30KG
Product Size : 165*420*610mm(including bean bin)
Net Weight/Gross Weight : 31.3kg/35kg

(1) 3-function all-in-one machine, the whole process from grinding, quantification to pressing powder takes only 7 senconds.
(2) The whole process is in a closed state of work, clean and sanitary.
(3) Accurate quantitative, simple operation.
(4) The overall density of the powder is uniform.
(5) 98 mm titanium flat knife, zero fine powder, wear-resistant, no waste of coffee powder.
(6) Suitable for Italian coffee and SOE coffee.
(7) 1.5kg large capacity bean bin, grinding speed is fast, easy to deal with large flow of customers.
(8) 16 grinding levels, free adjustment of thickness.
(9) The pressure of tamper can be adjusted in the range of 10kg – 30kg.