Product Name : Multi-boiler Hand Press Espresso Machine
Model : IT-HPEM-C5
Pressure : 1-16Bar
Steam capacity of upper boiler : 1800ml
Hot water capacity of lower boiler : 3200ml
Product size : 36*26*52cm
Net Weight : 19KG

(1)2 Boilers: 1800ml steam boiler +3200ml hot water boiler.
(2)35cm manual pressure rod, manual mechanics labor-saving design.
(3)3200ml hot water boiler is directly connected to the coffee brewing head, and the mechanical knob controls the water intake of the saturated extraction head to ensure the extraction temperature and continuous production.
(4) Free control of pre-soaking time and pressure.
(5)Vacuum double-layer thermal insulation extraction head to achieve saturated extraction.
(6)1800ml independent steam boiler, high pressure dry steam, make a dense milk foam.
(7)Self-developed patented piston structure, no back suction coffee powder, easy pressure discharge.