industrial mini ice maker machine

industrial mini ice maker machine

industrial mini ice maker machine

industrial mini ice maker machine



Product name Ice maker
Model IE-65
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz
Capacity 30kg
Storage 10kg
Power 400W
Dimensions 400*530*800mm
Ice type Medium round ice






1.Spray ice making principle

If freezes when water flowing, only the purest water will form ice, almost 100% impurities removed.
2. Ice is transparent, hard, beautiful, difficult to melt

Especially suitable for whiskey, vodka, cocktails, red wine and other drink.

3.Fully enclosed ice making, clean and sanitary

It uses ABS plastic internal, 304 stainless steel plate in the external, meets the international food grade standards.

4.The large round ice can be used as ice cup

IE-150 manufactured by large round ice is the best choice for senior clubs.

5.Computer automatic control system

Ensure the whole machine runs automatically and automatic detection in 24 hours, also has the function of error reminding.

6.Easy to clean air filter

It is installed in the middle position of compressor front window ventilator, easy to get and wash.

7.Positive suction, front exhaust

It still runs normally even if on the condition of compact space or high temperature environment.




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