How to properly use and maintain hamburgers

the use of Hamburg machine instructions

1.Temperature selector,height adjuster,time indicator: temperature is expected to 200℃ rotation clockwise to adjust the temperature, or vice versa.The baking bread height can be used to adjust the number of wrenches to meet their own baking space; Time preset 55 seconds, change the time to adjust the potentiometer with the tool (clockwise to extend the time, the contrary to reduce the time)
2. Start the use of: Check whether the power supply is 220V50HZ single-box power supply before start up, whether the ground, and then open the switch warm up for 30 minutes; pull the surface:put 12 hamburgers on the shovel (pay attention to face down)

operation of hamburger machine
the Hamburg machine maintained

We recommend regular cleaning twice a week, cleaning before off the power,standby cooling after.
CAUTION: Use a sharp metal spatula to prevent damage to the protective layer. You should use a damp cloth to soften the dirt carefully after the removal, and then wipe with a dry cloth, do not use strong detergents, banana water, metal brush and other cleaning machines.

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