Product Name:600G Coffee Bean Roasting Machine
Batch Capacity:100g-600G/drum
Baking Method:Semi-Hot Blast And Half Direct Fire
Roaster Type:Gas(LPG or Natural Gas)
Roasting Time:8-15 minutes/batch
Voltage:Single Phase 220V/ 50 or 60Hz
Cooling Time:1 Minute
Gas Consumption:0.1kg/hour
Machine Dimension:80*50*83cm
Packing Size:100*68*100cm
Machine Weight:62KG
Gross Weight:90KG
Body Color:Black/White
Drum Housing Color:Silver/Gold/Rose gold

1. Rapid heating time;
2. Super large capacity of silver leather collection tube;
3. Semi-direct fire and half-hot air baking;
4. Safety control system, over-temperature protection;
5. Cool quickly (within 2 minutes) to lock the flavor;
6. Stepless adjustment of the air door, free control of the exhaust volume;
7. Increase the speed governor, freely control the exhaust volume;
8. Using special insulation materials, the utilization rate of hot sales is high;
9. It can be connected to a computer to output the baking curve.