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High quality UV light electric fly killer machine /uv led mosquito killer


electric fly killer (2)

0. features

ITOP Inductive Flying killer uses ultraviolet light wave length 360-400NM, making the introduction of the grid with AC voltage 4500V or more clicks to achieve the effect of killing flies. The Fly has a low power consumption, Width killing fly area, high efficiency, easy to use, safe and reliable, environmentally friendly, advanced IED equipment. Special ultraviolet lights light only lure flies and other insect, will not cause any harm to human body.

1.Aluminum alloy shell surface for oxidation treatment, handiness, beautiful and easy to clean.

2.Using Import lamp, with long service life, the advantages of wavelength stability.

3.High voltage transformer epoxy vacuum infusion of new industry, with good moisture resistance, high pressure performance.

4.Wide using range, including hotels, restaurant, school, office, shopping mall, supermarket and other indoor places (Don’t use in the explosion-proof, flameproof occasions), Don’t use in the outside, leak rain or damp environment, does not apply to the barn, livestock fence and similar  places.

0. specification

Model FEESC300
Voltage AC220V/50Hz
Working area 50m³
Power 55W
Dimension 690*180*510mm
Net. Weight 6.8kg
Gross. Weight 7.8kg
Power grid voltage range 3500V-4500
Killing rate 92%

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