Garden Barbecue Grill Trolley Charcoal Gas Dual-use Grill American Family Party Barbecue Machine (IT-4518)

Barbecue area:548*448mm*2pieces
Machine size:1830*600*1309mm
Barbecue net material: cast iron enamel
Cover material: frosted coated
Body material: frosted coated
Fuel:LPG and Charcoal
Gas burner:3 +1 pieces

1.With 2 wheels, labor saving and convenient.
2.The ignition knob, easy to use.
3.Matte enamel grilling net, not easily deformed, easy to clean.
4.The air inlet can be adjusted, control the combustion of charcoal.
5.Adjustable charcoal tray, 6 levels grill temperature can be adjusted.
6.Real-time thermometer, double scale in Fahrenheit and Celsius.
7.Adjustable chimney, control food smoke effect.
8.Double grilling net, upper insulation area, lower barbecue area.
9.The side cooking stove can be used for making soup, noodles, and cooking, etc.
10.Large double baking zone, the left gas baking zone, the right region of charcoal.
11.The furnace body is made of three-layer thick cast iron enamel material.
12.Food-grade environmental protection material, high temperature does not deform, durable.
13.With cover, braised and grilled is more delicious.



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