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Do you find yourself having to buy a new grill every year or two? The grill you bought last year or the year before is having problems. The legs are unsteady and the grill is rusted which can get onto the food and that is never a good thing.

A good quality grill bought and with some care can last many years. I have 5 things you ought to consider when you purchase your next grill. Given these 5 things some thought and consideration will provide you with a longer life and use out of your grill or smoker.

First BBQ tip, 16 gauge stainless steel grill. The higher quality the material used the longer it will last. A good grill will be made of at least a 16 gauge grill stainless steel. Stainless doesn’t rust and it’s resistant to oxidation caused by the high heat of the fire. The heat is what makes grill grates rust through quickly.

Second BBQ tip, cast iron grates will last a lifetime. They need to be taken care of to last but it’s not hard to care of them. Cast iron must be seasoned, like a good cast iron skillet you remember as a kid. They are non stick and will even add some flavor into whatever you cook. A cheaper grill with a chrome coating will begin to break down once heat is put to it. Because the heat will cause the cheap chrome to crack and start to rust the grates to rust from the inside outward.

Third BBQ tip, an adjustable charcoal rack. This should not be a deal breaker when buying a grill. It can be very useful because it allows you to adjust the height that you cook at. By lowering or raising the rack makes it easy to choose in how close you cook to the height of the heat. This can result in less charcoal use and good for indirect cooking. Using them makes your choice of what you cook more broad, so you can try more recipes.

Fourth BBQ tip, Powder coated finished. This is done by applying a powder to the stainless steel.

And infused into the metal by applying heat. This makes for a permanent color coating that will not chip or peel. This type of finish is resistant to scratches as well. This makes them the most durable and longest lasting you can have. The reason cheaper grills rust is that the cheap metal will begin to rust under the steel because of the high heat applied to it. This will make it begin to chip and peel and rust. Once the grills get rusted you are cooking on a very unhealthy grill.

Lastly, if there is part of the grill that needs to be paid most attention to is the grills.

Heat causes oxidation causing most metals to crack and rust slowly from the inside out.

Rust is the reason you need to spend money so often on a new grill almost every season.

So when Considering your purchase think about what it is really costing you in the long run and the life of the grill. Spending more once will save in the long run on your budget. With these BBQ tips in mind you should be able to make a wise purchase.

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