electric commercial dishwasher machine

electric commercial dishwasher machine

electric commercial dishwasher machine

electric commercial dishwasher machine



Product name Cabinet dishwasher
Model SW40
Material AISI304 Stainless Steel
Pump Italian pump
Heating Way Electricity
Appearance dimension 460*550*720 (W*D*H)mm
washing rack dimension 400*400*100mm
Passing width 400mm
Max clean entry height 280mm
Max capacity 40rack/hour
Water consumption 3liter/rack
Wash tank capacity 15liter
Booster capacity 6liter
Wash temperature 40-50℃
Rinse temperature 80-85℃
Wash cycle 90/180second
Diameter of water inlet hose DN20=G3/4″ in
Diameter of drainpipe 20mm
Inlet water pressure 0.25-0.5Mpa
Inlet water haardness 0.034-0.060g/l



Power Requirements 220V/50Hz
Inlet water temperature 45-60℃
Tank heater 2Kw
Booster heater 4Kw
Wash pump 0.55Kw
Total connected load 4.55Kw
Total amps requiered 19.5A
Cross section of cable 2*2.5mm2+1.5mm2
Current of air circuit breaker 40A


Packing details

Packing size 560*650*790mm
Net weight 65kgs
Gross weight 70kgs
20ft’ container packing 60pcs





This dish washer satisfies the high standard washing requirements to various bowls, dishes, glasses by the extraordinary washing effects, the humane operation process. It conforms to the National Hygiene Standard.

1.Adopts superior stainless steel. Double layer construction, low noise, better heat insulation effect.

2.Upper and lower rotating wash and rinse syste. Washing more reasonable.

3.50 racks per hour, multiple wash cycles 70s/180s meet different washing needs.

4.Self-cleaning function.

5.Application field: Coffee shops, bars, and other catering industries.

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