Bubble Waffel Detail der Waffeleisenmaschine

0. specification

Model Volts Waffle size Dimensions Power Material N.W. G.W. Packing size
IT-547 220v 50Hz/

110V 50Hz

180*210*23mm 450*250*300mm 1KW #201 S/S 7KG 9KG 415*280*300MM

0. features

1. All stainless steel casing 201
2. European fashions, cast aluminum model, with high conductivity
3. Easy to operate
4. Automatic temperature control function
5.  especially with non-stick coating Teflon
6. High efficiency and energy saving, heat evenly
7. Reasonable design, high grade and beautiful
8. Stable and durable
9. Easy to clean

Detail der Waffeleisenmaschine_02

Detail der Waffeleisenmaschine_03 Detail der Waffeleisenmaschine_04 Eiblase-Power-Schalter und Temperaturregelung einfach zu benutzende Seifenblasenwaffel köstliche Eiblasenwaffel