CS200L Spiral Mixer Test Report

Spiral Mixer      CS200    CS200L


♦Overview of CS200L Spiral Mixer




1. CS200L raising head and fixing bowl double speed spiral mixer was designed with up-lift spiral and removable bowl. It consists of three parts: hydraulic raising head, base and bowl.


 液压式抬头    底座    料桶部分

        Hydraulic raising head                                  Base                                               Bowl


2. The max kneading capacity of  CS200L is 75kgs.



•What is in the bowl is high-gluten flour(protein over 11.5%), about 75kgs.


3. Two modes are available, one is manual, the other is auto.


•In manual mode, every process needs to be controlled manually.

•In auto mode, the machine will run automatically until completing kneading after the mixing time at both low and high speed was set as well as the button named “start at low speed” being pressed.


♦Method And Procedure


Procedure of automatic kneading (for CS200L):


自动和面流程1    自动和面流程2

•Before or after kneading, it is suggested to raise the head and pull out the bowl as well as the base so as to add or clean the material more easily.



•Add flour and water to the bowl, the proportion between them is 1:0.45.


自动和面流程4    自动和面流程5    自动和面流程6

•Put down the head after installing the bowl and base well. But what’s emphasized is that only when the bowl and base are installed well as well as being in the same horizon can the switch work successfully.




•Set the kneading time at both low and high speed, then turn on the machine to start mixing.


•The above picture  is the operation panel:

“1” is the button for up,“2“ is the button for down,controlling the hydraulic raising head;

“3”,”4” is the timer at low speed and high speed respectively, controlling the mixing time.

We can modify the unit in hour, minute, second by screwdriver at the place indicated in the following picture.



“5“ start at low speed,”6“start at high speed.



 •The spiral mixer is working.

•Generally, the kneading time of 75kgs flour is: mix at low speed for about 3-4 minutes until the water and flour are mixed well, then change to mix at high speed for about 10 minutes.


自动和面流程10   自动和面流程11
Dough after mixing                                                      Screenshot of dough


Pictures after finishing are shown below.








♦Relevant Questions


1. Power supply


电源1    电源2

  Low speed power spec: volt(V),                            High speed power spec: volt(V),

  power(W), current(A)                                             power(kW), current(A)


2. Before activating the machine, please screw the feet (the place indicated by arrow in the following picture) and make sure they work smoothly.



3. Guiding wheel



•The guiding wheel is sealed and used to protect from the flour or dust. Besides, it can guide the bowl to turn.

•Its surface is special rubber. After using for a few periods, there will be abrasion. Under such circumstance, we can modify the wheel’s position to make sure the wheel and bowl connecting well.


4. Main switch



•The main switch was set at the back of the machine. Only when it is turned on can the machine start to work.

•We can observe the hydraulic table via the round hole( shown in the above picture) and the oil pressure via the square hole.


5. Cover of the bowl can be opened manually.




•You can observe the working situation via the hole in the cover.

•The cover of CS200L is in new design. That the first half of the cover can be opened makes it convenient to add material at the middle of  kneading. But for safety, the machine will stop working at the meanwhile.


6. The position switch was tested and improved for several times.



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