Commercial Restaurant Stainless Steel Upright Fridge industrial Deep Freezer





1)Model: SFC650BT
2)Description of Models: Cabinet, 830X740XH2010mm
3)Type of cooling: Ventilated
4)Shelf for basket per Door: 3
5)Temperature: -18 ~-22°C
6)Refrigerant Gas: R404a
7)Net Weight : 121kg
8)Gross Weight: 134kg
9)Size : 830X740X2010mm
10)Packing Size:770x860x2050mm
1*Complele structure in Stainless Steel AISI 304 or AISI 201, , Insulation thickness 70 mm.
2*Structure with two sides completely foamed up to the top (including the engine room), Automatic defrost not for BT, Automatic evaporation of the condensate water, Electronic thermostat, Self- closing door by means of a spring-hinge, Standard lock.
3*The magnetic gasket of the door can be replaced without tools, The inside shelves supports are in Stainless Steel AISI 304 and removable, The bottom and the sides have rounded edges R7, The height of the feet is adjustable.
4*On the version BT (low temperature) there is a hot pipe along the door to eliminate the condensate, Each cabinet comes complete with NO.3 shelves GN 640 x 530 for each door, The door handle is in SS AISI3040 or AISI201 . It has a roundshaped profile, completely smooth and free from sharp points.


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  • I would like to know the price for two pièces deep freezer, sended in france, to Nantes by boat, and how much time to send them. Cordially 
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