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Product Parameter:
Model No. :SSI150FIC-6C1
Material : 304#Stainless Steel Pan, Painted Body
Voltage :220V/50HZ
Power :1450W
Machine Size:100*67*88CM
Refrigeration : R22/R404a, R410a
Ice Cream Temperature:-7°C~-8°C
Compressor : GMCC
Pan quantity:1
Pan shape:Round
Diameter of pan : 50cm
Depth of pan:2cm
Thickness of pan: 1.5mm
Salad Pan:1/6GN Pan*150mm * 6 pcs
Core Components:PLC, Engine, Bearing, Gearbox, Motor
Certification:CE, CB
Net Weight/Gross Weight:90KG/100KG

Product Features:
1. Fast refrigeration, each serving (in 100g) just takes about 1 minute.
2. Evaporator: Copper pipe, high efficiency.
3. Pan temperature adjusted.
4. Microcomputer control, safety and stable working performance.
5. Defrost funtion, defrost time freely control.
6. Low working noise.
7. Long service life.
8. Optional foot defrost pedal.
9. Optional pan temperature display.
10. Optional topping containers.
11. Optional cooling cabinet.
12. Pan material pan: stainless steel.
13. Machine body material:Painted Body.
14. Pan in round and in square available.
15. OEM ODM service available.

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