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Chocolate is a great treat enjoyed by many. Not only is it tasty, but it is also know to have various ingredients that are good for the body, like flavonoids and theobromine which help destroy bad bacteria in the body. It has been proven to release endorphins which help with happiness, and has been found to have anti oxidants and vitamins in it for a healthier immune system.

Overall, there are many benefits of chocolate. However, one must moderate their intake and consumption. Natural cocoa is where a lot of the benefits are found. Unfortunately, cocoa in its natural form is quite bitter and unsweet. This is often mixed with a lot of sugar to give it a much sweeter taste. The sugars are what can be harmful if consumed too much, causing decay of the teeth. Many manufacturers also add artificial flavourings which aren’t great for the body, so you should always check the ingredients before you consume too much.

A happy middle ground is to find chocolate that is high in cocoa, and only has a small amount of sugar. Callebeaut is known to be one of the highest grades of chocolate. Chefs and dessert experts across the world often use this product in their recipes as it has limited sugar, but naturally has a nice tasting flavour.

Chocolate can be enjoyed in many ways, from a bar format, to a flavouring on ice cream or a milkshake. One of the most exciting ways it can be enjoyed is through fondue. This is the process of melting chocolate in a liquid form and dipping fruit or other tasty treats into the fondue. This can be done by breaking up a block into smaller pieces and melting in a microwave for about 2 minutes.

One fun way to enjoy fondue is through a chocolate fountain which is a relatively new concept that has arrived on the market. A chocolate fountain is a machine that melts chocolate into a liquid form, which is collected and flows down in layers off metal tiers like a waterfall. These are a great idea for a party, and one of these fountains can be hired relatively cheaply. They are the best way to serve chocolate fondue to large crowds, and the fountains can stand at 1.2m tall, allowing up to 12kg of chocolate to be placed in them.

Overall, chocolate is a delicious treat, whether you are having just a piece, or indulging in a chocolate fountain.

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