pizza in the oven

Obviously the answer is no. Their working principle is not the same. Microwave ovens through the electromagnetic waves to water molecules in food and other polar molecules to move up and thus the temperature rise. So it is heating the whole food inside and outside. This method is usually easy to cause the loss of moisture inside the food. The oven is mainly through the resistance wire to radiate the way to heat the food, so the food is mainly the surface of the heat, and then heat passed to the inside.

Most of the microwave ovens are present for microwave functionality. Its barbecue function can not control temperature,the disadvantage is the barbecue function is not comprehensive, power is not big enough and the food is easy to bake when barbecue.Oven is a dedicated baking equipment, the function is more perfect, the effect of baking things is also better. You can bake noodles, make cakes, do barbecue and other food, the advantages of electric oven is professional, powerful power.