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Cake Display Fridge – A Baker’s Best Friend

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Economical Mini Front curved glass Countertop Cake Display Cooler
The art of baking is now a popular niche among the enthusiasts and business-minded people. It used to be just the love for baking per se that people bake cakes and pastries in stone or modern ovens to wow their family, friends, and customers. In the bakeshop business, it is essential to show-off your goods especially if yours are more than just delicious.

Cakes can be works of art for many bakers. And it is indeed a labor of love to create one for a special occasion. In many commercial bakeries, large fridges are necessary to keep the cakes, pastries, and other baked goodies fresh for delivery to customers and establishments. But for a storefront showcase, you will need a cake display fridge for function and for showing your customers your work.

If you’ve been to many bake shops, you will often see cakes encased in cooling units. These food cooling units are usually made of stainless steel with toughened glass doors and sides. There is usually an internal lighting system to illuminate the product/s being displayed.

The fancier type of cake displays often have rotating shelves that can also be adjusted. Most countertop versions have up to four adjustable shelves which can fit four single-tiered cakes. Larger units are great for coffee shops and restaurants, as well as larger bake shops.

Keeping cakes fresh is usually one of the main reasons why they are refrigerated for only a couple of days. Even those that are displayed in the stores and cafes are sold within the store hours as much as possible, since the temperature is not very cold as the regular refrigerators at home or in commercial establishments. The smaller tabletop fridges have temperatures ranging from 10-degrees and below. The temp can be adjusted depending on the products displayed and their shelf-life.

For high-demand bakeries with storefronts, larger cake displays with varied temperature ranges are necessary to keep the products fresh for at least three days. However, it is not advisable to display real cakes for a few weeks, so store owners may opt to choose Styrofoam replicas of their products. They are also not required to include refrigeration if this will be their solution for their product displays. Air conditioning in their bake shops can help keep the displays looking fresh and real-looking for a long time.

For bakers who are teaching in a classroom set-up, cake displays are also essential. One or two smaller units for showcasing your artisan and specialty cakes will keep these products fresh during your classes, as air conditioning may not be enough especially for large venues.

Show your baked goodies and products on a cake display right at your bakeshop. Visit Premier Rentals for a wide variety of food warming and cooling units for commercial purposes.

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