All About Display Fridges and the Other Types of Commercial Fridges

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The display fridge is an appliance that falls under the category of commercial refrigeration. Its function is not only for food presentation but also for the reduction of food poisoning due to improper storage and handling. There are also other sub-types of commercial refrigerators which are used for special applications.

Every time we talk about refrigeration or anything that has to do with chilling food, we normally think of the refrigerators that we generally keep in our homes. However, when we are talking about commercial application of refrigeration equipment then we are actually referring to a completely different category of fridges. This category of refrigeration equipment includes display fridges, blast chiller and fish refrigerators. Here are some essential references about this commercial refrigeration equipment.

The blast chiller is the first type of commercial refrigeration that we are going to discuss. There are a number of sub-types of the blast chiller that are available for a broad range of applications. However, the major purpose of the blast chiller is to achieve the required low temperature at the fastest time frame in order to lock in the freshness of the food items that are stored. Majority of the commercial chillers are able to go from a high of 70 degrees F to about 3 degrees F in just an hour and a half. This refrigeration equipment is also essential for compliance of various food safety and handling and storage standards that are in place. There are a broad range of choices when it comes to blast chillers and it is very important that you are able to determine the right unit that meets the needs and requirements of your business.

The next category of commercial refrigeration includes the display fridge and freezers. These are generally the type of commercial refrigeration equipment that you will normally find in the grocery store or a convenience store. Through the display fridge and freezer, customers may be able to see the food items that are on sale without having to open the door. You can also choose from several kinds and styles of display fridge where the door is not included. The display fridge is also a familiar fixture in food stores. This commercial refrigeration equipment can also come in smaller versions where drinks can displayed along counters where the customers can conveniently reach for their favorite drinks.

The third major category of commercial refrigeration is the fish fridge. This is simply a commercial fridge that is specially designed for handling of fish which are organized in trays. The size will depend upon the volume of fish that you normally handle in your store. There are several design options for this type of commercial fridge. Your decision on a particular subtype of this commercial fridge must be carefully considered as it is essential to maintain proper temperature setting when storing the fish in your store. You may also opt to have fish cases for your fish fridge so that you can conveniently display the fish and maintain the required level of temperature at the same time.

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